What Should You Do When Turned Down for Credit?

You apply for a loan when you are in need of cash to meet your financial needs. However, there are chances that your application may be rejected some times. There are some reasons for this and here we will be discussing on that and what you should do when you face that situation.

Reasons for A Refused Credit

Maintaining a lower credit score means you are riskier and lenders may charge you high. Sometimes they may reject you. You need a better credit score to get your loan sanctioned. Improving your credit score is not possible instantly. At this stage, you can opt for loan no credit check, in which the lender won’t be checking your credit score.

Your credit history will be thin if you haven’t taken any loan in the past. The lender cannot have a clear idea about your responsibility on paying back the credit. This may lead to a rejection of your application.

If you are changing your job frequently or you are not earning enough, the lender may doubt your ability to pay off the loan and consider you as a high-risk applicant and reject you. The lender may also reject you, if you are earning below the minimum that is set by the lender.

If you had bankruptcies in the previous years, which means you are a risky applicant in the eyes of the lender.

Even a small mistake on your application like, wrong name or address may lead to reject your application.

What to Do When Your Application Is Rejected?

When your application is rejected due to some reason, find out what caused this and try to resolve them. Hold off from making another application immediately. Too many applications weaken your credit report as they indicate the number of times you tried to take a credit.

Ask your lender the reasons for turning your application down. The lender must provide you with reasons along with credit report from the credit agency they used. Check for any errors and if there is any, you can point them out, with evidences if you have.

Improve your credit score to ensure that you get a loan next time when you apply. Being refused for a credit cause inconvenience. However, you need to know why it happened and turn it to be a positive one for your future applications.

We need a loan at any point of time in our life for many good reasons and when our loan application gets declined, we don’t know where to turn.  If you have trouble finding the perfect lender with Bonsai finance you can easily apply for credit. The process is easy and you get your loan sanctioned quickly.

Post Author: Alison Lukas