10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Bike During Monsoon

The rainy season can be both enjoyable and tremendously challenging for bike lovers. Riding in the rain is fun but considerably more challenging. But of all things, maintaining the bike is the most difficult. Keeping your bike’s condition is vital to ride it throughout the wet season. Also, having comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is ideal.

Here are some suggestions for maintaining your bike throughout the monsoon.

  • Park Your Bike In A Secure Spot

Storing your bike in a covered area away from water and the elements is crucial to avoid rusting. Additionally, it is suggested that you run the engine for a short while each morning to keep the pedals, levers, and engine warm and in good condition. It maintains the engine’s health and warmth.

  • Lubricate Hinges And Levers By Using Anti-Rust Or Other Lubricants

Levers and hinges are constructed of rust-prone materials. Therefore, lubricating or coating them in anti-rust treatments is required to safeguard them.

  • Keep The Chain Oiled And Clean

During rainy weather, bike chains are susceptible to corrosion, muck, and filth. Therefore, regular cleaning will guarantee a smooth ride, and lubricating them will stop rust.

  • Replace Tires As Necessary

Never drive in the rain while wearing worn-out tires. The tyres’ treads help with grip by moving any standing water. If your tires are worn out, you are more prone to aquaplane and skid, which could cause an accident.


  • Verify The Brake Pads

You must ensure your brakes are in good working order to prevent skidding. Before the monsoon season begins, get your brake pads inspected and replaced as necessary.

  • Add A Covering

Another way to ensure rainwater never touches your bike is with a Teflon or ceramic covering. Water is repelled by the coating, preventing rust damage to your bike. An authorised repair centre or a garage can apply these coatings.

  • Receive Thorough Servicing

To prevent a breakdown in the middle of a trip, it is essential to have your bike serviced before the rainy season. Ensure that all lights, levers, and safety systems are operational and that your tires are adequately filled.

  • Get A Helmet With A Clear Visor

During the rainy season, avoiding wearing dark or tinted glasses is good. Maintain a scratch-free and spotless visor for the ideal possible visibility. Additionally, visor cleaners that fend off moisture and stop misting are an option.

  • Maintain Comprehensive Coverage

Reviewing your bike’s insurance coverage and ensuring it is timely renewed is wise. Your motorcycle will likely be involved in mishaps, natural disasters, and other perils during the monsoon. If not comprehensive, make sure you at least have two-wheeler insurance third party.*

  • Inspect Your Air Filter

Your old air filter could not function as well during the monsoon because of the dampness. The moisture may clog the filter, preventing the engine from getting enough air. Therefore, inspecting your air filter and replacing it as necessary is crucial.

Ensure you have at least two-wheeler insurance third party, which is mandatory by law.

*Standard T&C Apply

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Post Author: Alison Lukas